Zscaler Achieves ‘Protected’ for IRAP


Zscaler Inc has successfully completed a second Information Security Registered Assessors Program (IRAP) assessment.

The new assessment confirms that the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange and Zscaler solutions have achieved the Australian Government security status of ‘protected’ and passed the government review.

A previous assessment completed in early 2020, confirmed Zscaler’s cloud security platform had achieved the status of ‘official sensitive’.  The second IRAP assessment involved a process documented in the Australian Government Information Security Manual (ISM). This is required before government departments can adopt any security platforms and tools provided by external vendors.

“The successful completion of a second IRAP assessment now allows us to work with all Australian Government agencies as a number require the higher ‘protected’ status to have been reached,” says Budd Ilic, ANZ Regional Director – Government, Zscaler. “This in turn means we can assist their internal IT teams to strengthen cybersecurity and improve the way users access core software applications.”

The IRAP process involved assessing Zscaler against all the controls identified in the ISM, including those that had been added since the initial assessment.