Worried about using Zoom? There are things you can do to make it safer


Zoom has quickly become the de-facto standard for online business meetings. With the rapid rise in adoption, an equally rapid rise in attention from security researchers and privacy advocates has surfaced a range of concerns for those hosting and participating in Zoom meetings. Recent warnings have now left many people wondering if it’s safe to use at all, and if it’s not, which alternative they should use instead.

As Cynch Security’s co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Adam Selwood, says “It’s exceptionally easy for people to connect online using Zoom, a fundamental need we’re all facing as we lock ourselves away at home. To make connections super easy, Zoom’s default configuration goes without a number of security and privacy controls.” It’s easier said than done, however, to tell everyone to simply not use Zoom “If you need to connect with others in order to work and someone sends you a Zoom invite, there are plenty of reasons why you might need to say ‘yes’.”

To help improve security and privacy when hosting or attending a Zoom meeting (or one with any other similar service), Cynch Security have put out some simple advice that can help guide both hosts and attendees. They have also been steadily releasing other valuable tips on how small businesses can securely manage the switch to remote working, and you can access this advice by heading to https://cynch.com.au/coronavirus

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