Wontok appoints Mick Esber as Head of Technology


Wontok has appointed industry veteran Mick Esber as Head of Technology. Mr Esber joins Wontok with more than 20 years of experience in technology leadership roles as well as solutions engineering and cyber security architecture.

He was formerly Chief Technology Officer at lending marketplace Lodex Australia and betting company Ladbrokes Australia where he held the CTO position.

“We’re fortunate to have someone of Mick’s calibre join our expanding team at Wontok,” Adam Tegg, Wontok CEO, said.

“We’re proud to say that despite the pandemic demand for Wontok’s services have not wavered. In fact, it’s stronger than ever.”

According to Wontok chief operating officer Bruce Perry, the growing demand meant an increase in headcount – during the pandemic.

“Due to demand for our services we’ve hired around 10 new employees in the past few months in various capacities, including software development, business and operations.

“We’re very pleased to be able to positively contribute to the community and economy by creating jobs,” Mr Perry said.

Mr Esber said he was thrilled to head Wontok’s technology team, especially at a time when a succession of high-profile cyber security events has been cast into the spotlight.

“Every day we see reports of identity theft, hacking, data compromise and other security-related incidents. The role at Wontok offers the opportunity to help craft meaningful solutions for our partners, customers and their users.

“I’m thrilled to be able to contribute towards protecting people and businesses from digital attacks, and to create a safer environment for digital transactions and interactions,” Mr Esber said.

Wontok offers a consistent, unified security experience while maintaining service levels whether a user connects networks at home, the office, a cafe or WiFi hotspots.

Organisations like Telstra in Australia and Verizon in the US are long-time Wontok customers.