What Changes to the Critical Infrastructure Act Will Mean to Industry – Cyber Risk Meetup Highlights


With the ever-changing landscape of our digital world, it is crucial we as a networked society are continually in the know as well as equipped with the various challenges we face from the cyber world.

Tackling this issue face to face, more than 120 Cyber Professionals gathered at WeWork, Central Park, in Perth for the Cyber Risk Insights Sundowner.

The first in-person gathering since 2019 due to lockdowns, was a huge success with an incredible energy and buzz in the room, as key speakers addressed the challenges we face in today’s digital sphere.

Organised by Perth’s Chapter Lead, Farrell Tirtadinata, and David Matrai from MySecurity Media, the knowledge rich event picked the minds of key industry figures.

“The Perth cyber-community has brought it on again last night” reflected an energetic Chapter Lead and Business Solutions Director of Avertro, Farrell Tirtadinata.

The panel (pictured) gained insights from Madeleine Trezise, Specialist Cyber Security Risk, South32, Alice White, Security Training Manager, Atlassian & AWSN Perth Chapter Lead and Hannah McKelvie, Cyber Development Principal, Telstra.

“It was a great night with some interesting discussion and audience questions!” said a pleased Madeleine Trezise, Specialist Cyber Security Risk at South 32.

The focus was primarily on the changes to the Critical Infrastructure Act and How it Relates to Our Industry.

This also included critical discussions around the impact of the Act on other industries, with a further 11 to be added as part of the reform.


Perth’s Chapter Lead, Farrell Tirtadinata, and David Matrai from MySecurity Media opening presentation

The event highlighted the associated risks to cyber security as a result of the latest reform to the Critical Infrastructure Act.

The Cyber Risk Insights Sundowner raised three critical areas of concern:

• How are the cyber leaders and executives approaching this?
• What are some of the best practices that they can share?
• And how will the rest of the industry respond to this?

SECURITY LEGISLATION AMENDMENT | (Critical Infrastructure) Bill 2020
On 10 December 2020, the Minister for Home Affairs introduced the Security Legislation Amendment (Critical Infrastructure) Bill 2020 to Parliament. The Department of Home Affairs (the Department) is progressing the Protecting Critical Infrastructure and Systems of National Significance reforms, a key initiative of Australia’s Cyber Security Strategy 2020.

As the majority of Australia’s critical infrastructure is owned and operated by private industry or state and territory governments it is vital that our approach to ensuring the resilience of Australia’s critical infrastructure is clear, effective, consistent, and proportionate.

The Bill seeks to amend the Security of Critical Infrastructure Act 2018 and expands its coverage from four sectors (electricity, gas, water, and ports) to the following eleven critical infrastructure sectors:
• Communications
• Financial Services and Markets
• Data Storage or Processing
• Defence Industry
• Higher Education and Research
• Energy
• Food and Grocery
• Health Care and Medical
• Space Technology
• Transport
• Water and Sewerage

Develop requirements that strike a balance between uplifting security and ensuring critical infrastructure operators remain viable and their services remain sustainable, accessible and affordable. An uplift in security and resilience across critical infrastructure sectors will mean that all businesses benefit from strengthened protections to the networks, systems and services they rely on.

The Department will work with industry peak bodies, existing regulators, state and territory governments, and critical infrastructure entities from January 2021 to bring the reforms to life through a comprehensive consultation process.

Home Affairs will undertake a staged, sector-by-sector approach to co-designing relevant requirements to reduce regulatory burden and minimise duplication with existing regulatory frameworks.

The success of this year’s event highlighted the growing interest in the area across multiple sectors, “We are so glad that we were part of organising such a successful event and already have discussions for the next one – stay tuned!” said David Matrai.

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Cyber Risk Insights Sundowner was proudly sponsored by: Claroty, HyprFire, Avertro and MySecurity Marketplace in addition to Community Partners, WA AustCyber Innovation Hub and Privasec.