Varonis announces new features to combat insider threats and collaboration risks in Microsoft 365


Varonis Systems, Inc. announces new features for the Varonis Data Security Platform. The enhancements will help organisations visualise and reduce sensitive data exposure created as a by-product of increased collaboration across Microsoft 365, including Teams.

The cloud makes collaboration easier, allowing users to share data without the help of IT administrators. Protecting data, however, becomes both more complex and urgent. Cloud data stores typically have more than double the permissions complexity as on-premises data stores, and native cloud security controls make it virtually impossible to visualise and reduce exposure to internal and external threats.

The Varonis Data Security Platform helps thousands of organisations worldwide secure their critical information using automation to enforce Zero Trust, tackle privacy and compliance tasks, and detect advanced cyber threats from nation-states to insiders. New capabilities in version 8.5 help organisations combat insider and collaboration risks in Microsoft 365.

The latest version delivers:

  • Insight into organisation-wide exposure in Microsoft 365. New dashboard modules show where collaboration links, public sites, and permissions creep expose information to too many employees.
  • Expanded threat detection and automated indicators of compromise (IOC) updates. Additional threat models for Azure AD help thwart attacks against customers’ Microsoft 365 environments, and automatic IOC updates help defend against emerging threats like the Zerologon vulnerability and SUNBURST.
  • More granular search capabilities for finding sensitive data. Search enhancements expose the logic behind queries, helping surface sensitive data across on-premises and cloud data stores.
  • Expanded NAS coverage. Support for Panzura, EMC NAS, Nasuni 8.5, Hitachi NAS, and NetApp ONTAP SELECT 9.7, and Hitachi NAS cluster namespaces.

“Microsoft 365 makes it easy to share sensitive data with your co-workers and guest users, but visualising and controlling collaboration risk is virtually impossible with built-in tools,” said David Gibson, CMO, Varonis. “The new capabilities in version 8.5 of the Varonis Data Security Platform will provide IT and security teams with a clear view into how users share information – so they can quickly monitor and remediate data security concerns and reduce risks from insider threats and external attackers.”