The state of Australian Mining’s ‘Digital Transformation’


According to Accenture research, approximately 85% of mining and metals companies have adopted cloud in some form, however the mining industry remains behind its peers. Well known industry challenges, including volatile commodity prices, fast-changing international trade relations and compliance with new environmental and safety regulations, now require a robust and secure technology backbone to properly address these challenges. On the practical side, cloud has been shown to aid the industry with:

  • Throughput improvement of up to 5% with increased revenue per ton by almost 2%
  • Increase productivity by 10% while reducing lifecycle overheads by almost 75%
  • Reduce logistics costs by up to 12% while improving key performance indicators like On Time, In Full (OTIF) by approximately 10% and fleet load factor by over 30% 

Deeper adoption of cloud will also help the industry better embed security into its networks. Today, 89% of mining companies spend more than 20% of their cybersecurity budgets on advanced technologies. Despite this trend, security investments are failing for an incredible 80% of Metals and Mining companies; with hidden threats arising from indirect attacks on the weakest links within supply chains accounting for 39% of security breaches.

Accenture report: The cloud imperative for mining