The importance of valuing data


This article gives an overview of the importance of data, what happens when we use data incorrectly and discusses how protecting your data can make a difference. organisation. What happens when we use data incorrectly and how can protecting your data make a difference? This article gives an overview of the importance of data.

Why does data matter?

Can we measure how much data is worth? Can we measure how much someone cares about data? An idiom comes to mind “One person’s trash is another person’s treasure”, the data we throw away can be just as valuable in a world where data is the new oil (or not, depending on your perspective). What one person may think is worthless, may be cherished or exploited by another.

Value is different for every person and every organisation. What you and your organisation values, has an impact on the security of your organisation. We protect what we value.

In The Good Ones: Ten Crucial Qualities of High Character Employees, Bruce Weinstein identifies our core values for individuals as: gratitude, honesty, care, presence, patience, accountability, loyalty, humility and courage. We all weight these differently depending on who we are and what we are doing. A lapse in concentration can change the way in which an action is interpreted, being aware of doing the right thing at all times is necessary and the value of the outcome will certainly increase with the thought that has been applied. Whilst values are hard to measure quantitatively with data, it is important to think about values in relation to people and consider how security may be affected. The values of an organisation can be considered as part of a security and data strategy to protect its most valued data…Click here to read full article.