Supporting a secure digital economy

  • A new report published by Standards Australia outlines recommendations to enhance cyber security across the Pacific region.
  • Increasing the capability of our neighbours in the Pacific will lead to better cyber protection for the whole region.
  • Cyber security standards aim to support and protect expanding digital economies across the Pacific.

Standards Australia has released a report focused on cyber security in the Pacific region. Pacific Islands Cyber Security Standards Cooperation Agenda sets out recommendations on how to strengthen cyber security in the Pacific Islands with the use of standards.

The report which includes Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Tonga and Vanuatu, recommends greater access to funding, resources and technical assistance as well as the development and adoption of internationally aligned cyber security standards.

Australia’s digital economy is a rapidly growing contributor to our Gross Domestic Product (GDP), with it estimated to be worth $139 billion by 2020. One of the challenges to this growth lies in cyber security, a problem shared by many of our Pacific Island neighbours.

“To help enhance and protect the digital economy in Australia and the Pacific region, Standards Australia has been working alongside the standard bodies and governments of the Pacific Islands to promote and build cyber security regulations,” said CEO of Standards Australia, Adrian O’Connell.

This scope of work is delivered in support of Australia’s International Cyber Engagement Strategy and aimed at encouraging innovative cyber security solutions.

“Standards are an important tool which supports legislation and policy for the benefit of the public,” said Ambassador for Cyber Affairs, Tobias Feakin. “At the same time standardisation promotes innovation by not only disseminating knowledge and ideas but more importantly provides structure and processes which save time in developing and implementing new ideas.”

Cyber security standards can protect business data, which in turn helps build confidence in clients, customers and partners.

“This report is an important step in outlining how standards can support and protect not only our economy but those of our closest neighbours,” said Mr. O’Connell.

“Standards Australia looks forward to providing ongoing assistance to the Pacific region and facilitating the protection of its digital economy through the promotion of cyber security standards,” concluded Mr. O’Connell.