Sophisticated APT-style cyber espionage group wreaking havoc in Australia


Bitdefender cybersecurity’s investigative team reveals new details into a sophisticated APT-style cyber espionage group wreaking havoc in Australia. One of the targeted companies is engaged in architectural projects with billion-dollar luxury real-estate developers in Australia, New York, London and Oman. The company’s customers and projects involve luxury residences, high-profile architects and world-renowned A-list interior designers.

Based on Bitdefender’s telemetry, they also found other similar malware samples, in South Korea, United States, Japan, and South Africa, communicating with the same command and control server, dating back to just under a month ago.  The attacks (potentially state sponsored) have specifically targeted commercial intellectual property in the face of an intensifying global trade war.

The investigation also found that the Command and Control infrastructure used by the cybercriminal group to test their malicious payload against the organization’s security solution, is located in South Korea. For full details on this announcement and the investigation please see attached the official whitepaper. The paper offers definitive proof that APT groups are used now in industrial espionage in various verticals and this research is the latest one.