Secure Code Warrior Integrates with GitLab


Secure Code Warrior has announced it has joined GitLab Inc.’s global partner program. As part of the partnership, Secure Code Warrior will make its learning platform capabilities available to developers on GitLab’s DevOps Platform, supporting a developer-led security approach.

Secure Code Warrior Co-founder and CEO, Pieter Danhieux, said: “Developers are expected to deliver code faster than ever before, which can make security oftentimes an afterthought. However, if developers can get actionable secure coding guidance throughout their workflows, they’ll be enabled to find and fix vulnerabilities whilst taking their security knowledge to the next level. We’re proud to partner with GitLab to give millions of developers an easier pathway to make this a reality.”

“GitLab is excited to cultivate a partnership with Secure Code Warrior,” said Nima Badiey, Vice President of Global Alliances at GitLab. “Security has become top of mind for many organizations; however, software development teams still contend with increasingly complicated security policies and sophisticated tools just to prevent potential vulnerabilities from slipping into production. By offering Secure Code Warrior’s contextual learning across secure coding in our DevOps Platform, we provide another tool for developers to utilize as they take more ownership and control of establishing security practices earlier in the development chain.”