Sapien Cyber and Honeywell team up


Sapien Cyber is teaming up with Honeywell Building Technologies to create cybersecurity solutions to support buildings and critical infrastructure sites.

Sapien’s innovative cybersecurity monitoring solution paired with Honeywell’s expertise in buildings and cybersecurity services for Operational Technology (OT) will help customers address escalating threats and governance requirements. The collaboration integrates Sapien’s OT Cybersecurity Threat Management System with Honeywell’s building and digital video management systems, which are installed across millions of buildings worldwide.

Glenn Murray, Sapien Cyber CEO said, “We are incredibly excited to be working with an organisation with the global reputation of Honeywell, which will provide a single solution unique to the Honeywell/Sapien partnership that will address client’s end-to-end cybersecurity requirements.”

“The Australian Government’s recent Security Legislation (Critical Infrastructure) Bill 2020 underscores the increasing cyber threat and the responsibilities placed upon businesses, their respective Boards and management team responsible for managing critical infrastructure,” said Mr Murray.

Buildings and critical infrastructure sites are continuously becoming smarter and highly connected to deliver improved occupant outcomes, performance insights, and operational efficiencies. Buildings contain multiple OT systems including HVAC, security, fire, CCTV, energy metering, power management and lighting, often installed and maintained by different vendors. It is therefore important asset owners take a holistic view of the entire OT environment, looking at people, process and technology, as well as having a monitoring platform that understands these OT systems.

Brodie Raffaele, Global Director Operations, Honeywell Building Technologies said, “Our collaboration with Sapien Cyber will expand and enhance our cybersecurity portfolio, providing cost-effective and practical solutions to reduce cyber risk for asset owners and operators. Buildings and critical infrastructure face unique OT challenges and the likelihood and impact of a cyber-attack cannot be overlooked or underestimated. Honeywell is committed to helping its customers transform their buildings and critical infrastructure sites, whilst doing it in a safe and secure way.”

Sapien and Honeywell are working together on several pilot projects in Australia, including a hospital and correctional facility. The companies will use learnings from these initial pilots to refine and expand their relationship globally. This will combine Honeywell’s global industrial practitioner experience with Sapien’s technology platform, and Australian-based Security Operations Centre (SOC), purpose built to security zone level 3 certification.

Sapien has designed its suite of products to offer clients a wealth of choice through the ability to deploy either a physical or virtual stack, or a hybrid combination that suits their deployment needs. Sapien remains focused on enhancing client experience through a fit for purpose range of products and services.