Prisma Cloud enhanced


A number of enhancements have been made to Palo Alto Networks’ Prisma® Cloud.

Prisma Cloud delivers cloud workload protection capabilities through a number of distinct modules including Host Security, Container Security, and Web Application and API Security (WAAS). The enhancements to these modules include:

  • Bot Risk Management: Prisma Cloud Web Application and API Security (WAAS) customers can now manage web bots and decide how to handle access for different bot types. Users have customizable visibility and protection covering known, unknown and user-defined bots.
  • Advanced DoS Protection: Prisma Cloud WAAS now includes the ability to defend against application-layer denial-of-service (DoS) attacks by applying rate controls.
  • Host Security With Custom Compliance Policies: Prisma Cloud enhances compliance for virtual machines with custom compliance checks for operating systems, orchestrators and runtime configurations.
  • Container Security With Enhanced Kubernetes Cluster Awareness and CRI-O Compliance Checks: Prisma Cloud now has deeper Kubernetes® integration with enhanced Kubernetes cluster awareness. This makes it simpler to gain quick visibility, manage security policies and view runtime audits via Kubernetes cluster filters. For CRI-O, Prisma Cloud maps 25 specific compliance checks to CRI-O across containers, images and host configurations.

All features are available in Prisma Cloud Compute Edition, with general availability in Prisma Cloud Enterprise Edition by early February.