Penten and Worldstack collaborate on HoneyTrace AI solution


Australian cyber security businesses Penten and Worldstack have unveiled HoneyTrace, a data breach detection solution.

HoneyTrace uses AI to generate unique and realistic fake ‘tokens’, such as documents, database records, website redirects, credit cards numbers and email addresses. These fake tokens act as real time tripwires and watermarks, designed to generate alerts when accessed or moved.

HoneyTrace also searches for the presence of these tokens on the internet using WorldStack’s open-source intelligence platform.

The platform provides a capability to extract actionable intelligence across social media, search engines, online marketplaces, deep web and dark web. Such a process allows for the customer to be quickly notified of the suspicious presence of any watermark tokens.

“HoneyTrace is a low-cost cyber security solution for organisations and individuals seeking protection from data theft,” said Ben Whitham, Co-Founder of Penten.

“We know that a single data breach incident typically costs organisations around $5 million, in addition to legal expenses and often immeasurable reputational damage. HoneyTrace is a logical and easy to use solution to this persistent problem.”

CEO of WorldStack Dan Holman said, “We’re really excited to showcase WorldStack’s open-source intelligence program and search capabilities in the HoneyTrace system.  HoneyTrace shows what is possible when Australian companies work together on new solutions.”

Penten and WorldStack met through one of the many outreach programs run by AustCyber, the Industry Growth Centre established to accelerate investment and maturity in the cyber security sector.

HoneyTrace will be distributed by Avantgard, an Australian company specialising in active cyber defence solutions. The first resellers of the product are expected to be announced shortly.

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