Micro Focus selected for the South Australian Department for Education’s EdPass project


Micro Focus’s identity management solution has been selected by Insync Solutions as part of the South Australian Department for Education’s EdPass project.

As part of the project, Insync Solutions will use Micro Focus’s identity management solution to provide automated account creation and a unified access point via usernames and passwords, ensuring users have seamless access to the internet with zero disruption to learning.

Users will also have the flexibility to adapt in real time to changing requirements such as movingnschools, working between schools, or working remotely.

The Department for Education chose Micro Focus Premium Solution partner, Insync Solutions, to deliver EdPass.

EdPass, which uses Micro Focus technology to manage identity, access, and security, will be used by more than 900 schools and preschools across the state, including 250,000 students and 30,000 staff members.

Scott Bayliss, CIO, Department for Education South Australia, said, “Micro Focus’s solution was chosen because it met all of the program requirements at a high standard and supports our vision to simplify the login experience for staff and students.

“By automating identity management, Micro Focus’s solution will reduce the number of times that staff and students need to login to access the intranet and applications. It will save time, reduce frustration and let schools and preschools focus on teaching and learning.”

The EdPass project is due to be completed by mid 2021.

The EdPass project forms part of an overarching program of ICT foundations work that includes SWiFT fibre to schools and preschools and SWiFT Network Technologies. These projects will leverage EdPass functionality and will deliver on the Department for Education’s commitment to connect every government school in South Australia to fast reliable internet, regardless of location.

Amish Prajapati, regional sales director – Australia and New Zealand, Micro Focus, said, “Micro Focus has worked with Insync Solutions for many years and the two companies have extensive experience together delivering successful projects in the education sector. Micro Focus is providing a centralised framework for identity management for the Department for Education.”

Paul Williamson, director, Insync Solutions, said, “As a local South Australian business, Insync Solutions is excited to support South Australian schools, businesses, and local jobs. We are also thrilled to be establishing a Trainee Hiring program with the Department for Education as part of the collaborative project. Insync Solutions delivered additional value by using previous experience working with South Australian independent schools, universities and TAFEs to bring practical insights to the EdPass project. We understand that the Department for Education’s primary focus is learning, which means we put forward the best technology to ensure the least amount of disruption for the school giving it an equitable and secure platform into the future.”