Micro Focus announces CSR program


Micro Focus has announced its Australian initiatives for its Micro Focus INSPIRE corporate social responsibility (CSR) program.

Micro Focus INSPIRE is a company-wide CSR program that covers every aspect of the organisation, from how it manages relationships with employees, suppliers, customers, and local communities, to how it plays its part in shifting to a lower carbon economy and reducing the effects of climate change.

Locally, Micro Focus INSPIRE is driven by 2021 CSR ambassadors Priya Rodrigues and Nicholas Lynch.

Peter Fuller, managing director – Australia and New Zealand, Micro Focus, said, “Micro Focus INSPIRE gives the Australian team a framework on which to build its own local program in line with Micro Focus’ global goals around CSR. Never before has CSR been more important in building company culture and attracting talent to an organisation, with socially minded employees looking for organisations that give them the opportunity to give back.”

The Australian initiatives include:

  • Bear Cottage – Between April and June 2021, the Sydney team will participate in a working bee at Bear Cottage.
  • Very Special Kids – Volunteering opportunities with raffles and selling pins at four of Melbourne’s racing events including the Melbourne Cup 2021.
  • Free 3D Hands – Micro Focus will be organising a fitness challenge fundraiser between May and June 2021.
  • Cancer Council – In August 2021, Micro Focus will be selling daffodils for the Cancer Council.
  • TerraCycle – Micro Focus has bins in the Canberra, Melbourne, and Sydney offices for oral and hair care waste recycling.
  • Clean-up initiatives – Beach clean-up initiatives are being planning for Canberra, Melbourne, and Sydney.
  • Career videos – A virtual initiative where employees will tell their own short career stories in videos that will be shared on the Micro Focus You Tube channel for school students to access so they can learn more about careers in technology.
  • Donating – The local team will be donating its year-end celebration fund to Very Special Kids and Bear Cottage.

Priya Rodrigues said, “Micro Focus Australia is committed to encouraging the team to participate fully in the programs we roll out with the goal of engaging at least 25 per cent of the workforce. Especially throughout this pandemic, I personally have felt a bit helpless and wanted to do more to give back and help in the community. CSR is part of the culture at Micro Focus, and these are great opportunities for us to engage the team and contribute to some great causes.”