Melbourne-based Araza Joins Unisys Security Global Channel Partner Program


Unisys Corporation has added Melbourne-based Araza to the Unisys Security Global Channel Partner Program to offer the Unisys Stealth® suite of security solutions in Australia.

Araza will use the Unisys partnership to help fulfil the Araza Women in Cyber (AWinC) program that was established in 2019 to bring 100 women into information security roles. Seventy-five percent of the Araza consultants to date that have achieved Stealth certification are female since joining the partner program in April 2020.

Stealth provides organisations “Always On” security by establishing a software-defined perimeter that enables a Zero Trust environment. Stealth reduces attack surfaces by discovering and understanding network assets and their communication flows, then creating dynamic, identity-driven microsegments called Communities of Interest, separating trusted systems, users and data from the untrusted. Encryption between endpoints cloaks assets from unauthorised users, while Dynamic Isolation™ capabilities quickly isolate devices or users at the first sign of compromise.

Stealth was recently recertified by the U.S. National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP), recognised by governments in 31 countries worldwide including Australia and New Zealand, to protect critical data in national security systems.

Rick Mayhew, Vice President & General Manager of Unisys Asia Pacific said:  “As a consultancy-led business, Araza is in the perfect position to advise clients how to prevent and minimise the impact of cyber threats as part of their technology transformation. Adding Unisys Stealth to their portfolio, Araza will be able to help their customers better protect their data and assets. In addition, both companies share a vision to grow technical senior career pathways for women in the technology industry.”