Mastercard scales tokenised online checkout


To combat the increasing threat of card-not-present fraud, which saw Australians lose AU$608.1 million in 2023 according to AusPayNet data2, Mastercard has begun scaling its new tokenised and embedded online checkout experience which both enhances security for online transactions, while maintaining the convenience that consumers have come to appreciate from contactless payments in physical stores. 

Built on industry standards to ensure broad availability of the technology to both cardholders and retailers, Mastercard Click to Pay delivers a more streamlined and secure checkout experience by eliminating the need to manually enter payment card details. Instead, an automatic email lookup coupled with two-factor authentication allows the cardholder to access available cards instantly when they arrive at the checkout, before permitting their bank to securely share their payment credentials directly with the retailer.  

Compatible with most debit and credit cards available in Australia, cardholders can enrol in Click to Pay by visiting the Mastercard website, with millions of cards expected to be added before the end of 2024.   

With online shopping now the norm, Aussies are becoming more mindful of how and where they share their payment details. It’s a bit like handing over your house key every time you enter your card info, and when you shop at multiple sites, it’s like leaving copies of your key all over the Internet with no real way to keep track of who has them, or how to get them back,” said Richard Wormald, Division President, Australasia, Mastercard. 

“With payment credentials securely held, managed and shared by one of the most trusted institutions in people’s lives, their bank, Mastercard Click to Pay sets the new standard for secure and seamless online transactions. By replacing card details with a secure token, cardholders no longer need to share their front door key, giving them far more control over who they let into their house, and who can come back in the future,” added Wormald.  

Mastercard Click to Pay

Mastercard Click to Pay evolves the functionality and convenience of existing Click to Pay buttons, which can be found at some merchants online, by embedding the technology directly into the checkout.

This allows cardholders to access available cards instantly and facilitate a payment without needing to click additional buttons, or leaving the retailer’s website, both reducing check out time and increasing checkout conversion rates for retailers by up to 94%.  

“In the same way contactless made payments more convenient in physical retail, Mastercard’s Click to Pay has huge potential to make online payments smarter, safer and more streamlined. Today, that is done by embedding the technology directly into the checkout experience. In the coming months, Mastercard will add new authentication and verification tools to its tokens, allowing financial institutions and merchants to make informed decisions on whether a transaction is genuine, or potential fraud,” concludes Wormald.  

With card-not-present fraud increasing by 33.8% in 20233, Mastercard is working with Australia’s largest banks, payment service providers and retailers to make the technology available to as many cardholders as possible.

Merchants including Domino’s, Reading Cinemas, Skip, PlayHQ, and are already using the embedded Mastercard Click to Pay experience, while technology partners including Fat Zebra, CAS, Adyen, Gr4vy, Windcave, Merchant Warrior and IPSI have all enabled the technology.  

“Click to Pay has revolutionised the pizza ordering process for more than 10,000 Domino’s customers since its introduction. This payment solution has enhanced the online ordering experience, helping us to ensure that Australian pizza lovers can enjoy their favourite Domino’s menu items with record speed,” said Kent Madders,Marketing Director for Australia and New Zealand, Dominos. 

“Skip is excited to partner with Mastercard, a globally recognised and respected payment network, to introduce our customers to Click to Pay. In providing a new and secure way to pay that they can use with both Skip and many other merchants online, our customers are enjoying the convenience and ease that Click to Pay is bringing to their Skip experience when they pre-order, pay and collect from their favourite Skip venue nationally, “added Bill Bizos,Chief Executive Officer, Skip. 

“Gr4vyis excited to expand our partnership with Mastercard. Offering enterprise merchants a seamless path to integrate Click to Pay into their existing payment stack, irrespective of their downstream payment service provider, is a significant step forward in the industry. Preloaded credentials into Click to Pay means our merchants will now convert at a higher rate while leveraging network tokens, which will improve authorisation transactions and reduce fraud rates. This is another way Gr4vy empowers clients to own and act on their payments strategy,” said John Lunn, CEO & Founder at Gr4vy. 

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