KnowBe4 Research Launches 2021 Security Culture Report


KnowBe4 Research has launched the 2021 Security Culture Report. Security culture involves how people think about and approach a more secure environment and this report focuses on those key elements.

The 2021 Security Culture Report more than doubled the sample size from the 2020 report, with more than 320,000 employees in 1,872 organisations around the world. Results from this year’s report revealed a large gap between the best performers and the poor performers when it comes to security culture. The best performers were from Banking and Financial Services industries and the worst performers were from Education and Construction.

Security culture varies across industries. In the industry comparison report, all industries were compared according to their security culture scores and across each of the seven dimensions (Attitudes, Behaviours, Cognition, Communication, Compliance, Norms and Responsibilities) of security culture. This year, a new section was added to the report called A Detailed Analysis of Security Culture, which provides an in-depth view state on specific aspects of security culture. We look at how employees consider their sentiments about having access to security-related information, how they think about passwords and their access to the security team.

“With this annual study, we aim to provide the most comprehensive study of cybersecurity culture-related data,” said Kai Roer, managing director, KnowBe4 Research. “The Security Culture Report takes a unique approach to evaluating security culture using seven different dimensions across a wide variety of industries. Of course, the pandemic has created some shifts in security culture when compared year-over-year. It will be interesting to continue to track how certain vertical industries change over time when it comes to their security culture.”

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