Know Your Enemy – Part 1


Let me introduce you to Steve and Joanne. They both run successful businesses and both understand the need to plan their business activities to ensure success. Steve comes into work, as he has done each day for many months and works on planning and execution strategies for several projects. Joanne does the same.

Reconnaissance: Steve and Joanne start by gathering useful information about their target customers, allowing them to kick off advertising campaigns, which will hopefully lead to their financial success.

Weaponising: Someone in Steve’s organisation (Gary) receives an unexpected email. Good news, he has won the Nigerian Lottery without even buying a ticket – how lucky is that?

Delivery: Gary was somewhat suspicious of this lottery win. Yet, if legitimate he doesn’t want to pass over on getting his prize directly from the Prince of Lagos. So, Gary opens the email and quickly scans the text, then hits the power button on his computer – there is no way those hackers are fooling him. He’s way smarter than the scammers as he knows the malware needs time to encrypt his disc. Nevertheless, he’s disappointed that the email seems like a hoax. Oh well, hopefully the Powerball on Saturday night will pay out.

Exploitation. Steve, none the wiser to Gary’s disappointing lottery failure, continues with his latest project, deciding he’ll look up a few sales targets on LinkedIn. Joanne, on the other hand, just had a hit. One of her target customers responded to her latest email advertising campaign. She steps it up a notch, putting the final building blocks into place. It’s time to close out this deal.

Malware: Being a cautious and experienced salesperson, Joanne deploys a couple of useful tools to ensure persistence and longevity with this customer. You never know when you’ll need another angle to attack this customer…Click HERE to read full article.


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