ISACA’s New COBIT Training Prepares IT Professionals to Design and Implement a Tailored Governance Program


IT professionals seeking to elevate their mastery and practical application of ISACA’s COBIT® 2019 framework will now be able to boost their knowledge and skills through the COBIT 2019 Design and Implementation Certificate Program.

This new certificate fills a gap for professionals who understand the importance of IT governance and the benefit good governance brings, but who are struggling with where and how to start a governance program.

According to ISACA’s State of Cybersecurity Part II research, governance dictates cyber teams’ confidence levels with only one in three cybersecurity leaders stating high levels of confidence in their cybersecurity team’s ability to detect and respond to cyberthreats.  Furthermore, 92 per cent of business technology leaders believe that better governance of technology leads to better economic outcomes for the business[1].

The certificate program, which includes a course and exam, offers a means to build upon knowledge learned in the COBIT 2019 Foundation Course and to apply COBIT principles in their enterprises. Newly updated, COBIT 2019 is a framework for enterprise governance and management of information and technology (I&T) that supports enterprise goal achievement.

“This certificate program offers professionals a new avenue for building on their knowledge of COBIT 2019 that they can directly implement in their day-to-day work,” said Mark Thomas, CGEIT, CRISC, Certified COBIT Assessor, and president, Escoute Consulting. “Participants will come away able to more fully utilise the functionality and potential of the framework, driving excellence in their design and implementation work around enterprise governance systems.”

During the two-day COBIT 2019 Design and Implementation Certificate Course, which is available through ISACA’s Accredited Training Partners and as on-site training, attendees will focus on seven areas: COBIT 2019 basic concepts, design factors for a governance system, impact of design factors, the governance system design workflow, implementation and optimising I&T governance overview, governance implementation lifecycle, and a key topics decision matrix. Hands-on activities related to these areas are also provided throughout the course to allow attendees to practically apply the concepts. Attendees will come away with a wide range of applicable knowledge that they can directly use in their own roles, including:

  • Understanding the impact that design factors can have on the design of a governance system
  • Applying the design workflow to a concrete situation to obtain a governance system design
  • Combining the process from both the COBIT 2019 Design Guide and COBIT 2019 Implementation Guide in concrete situations
  • Applying the challenges, root causes and critical success factors of the seven implementation phases to concrete situations

Upon completing the course, attendees assess their understanding of the seven key topics by completing the COBIT 2019 Design and Implementation Exam. Participants will have three hours to take the exam, which costs US$275, contains 60 multiple-choice questions and is completed in an online, closed-book, remotely proctored environment. The certificate will then allow individuals to attest to their advanced knowledge of governance and COBIT 2019 to employers. To be eligible to take the exam, participants must have already completed the COBIT 2019 Foundation Certificate Exam. Upon passing the exam, participants will earn the COBIT 2019 Design and Implementation Certificate. To learn more about the COBIT 2019 Design and Implementation Certificate Course and Exam, please see the COBIT 2019 Exam Candidate’s Guide.

Additionally, those wanting learn about how to use COBIT 2019 in the IT audit process can also attend an upcoming complimentary 60-minute webinar replay, COBIT 2019—Highly Relevant for Auditors, after 19 September 2019. Dirk Steuperaert, IT and risk governance consultant, will go through the new COBIT 2019 Design Guide for building prioritised audit plans, explore the capability levels for assessing process capability, and outline the governance and management objectives for structuring audit and describing control activities. ISACA members can earn one CPE for completing the webinar. To register, click here.

COBIT is the leading framework for the enterprise governance of information and technology (EGIT). For more than 20 years, COBIT has helped enterprises optimize the value of their critical information assets

COBIT 2019 was released in November 2018 and is a comprehensive framework aligned with globally accepted practices, analytical tools and models that can help any enterprise effectively address business issues through governance and management of information and technology. COBIT 2019 includes 40 governance and management objectives, as well as focus areas including information security, DevOps, cloud and more.

A full list of COBIT 2019 training resources can be found at: The COBIT 2019 publications, which serve as the basis for the certificate programs, can be purchased here. For more information about COBIT 2019, visit or watch videos about its new features or about its rich history.

[1]  ISACA Better Tech Governance is Better for Business research