Interviewing ANZ’s Security Team


In the lead-up to Lynwen Connick’s keynote presentation at the AISA Conference 2018, members of the ANZ Information Security team shared their views on the role of information security at ANZ. With a digital transformation underway and a keen focus on helping people and communities to thrive – cyber security has arguably never been more important to ANZ bank.

Can you give readers an overview of ANZ’s security programmes?

Lynwen Connick is ANZ’s Chief Information Security Officer and the team she is responsible for plays a critical role at ANZ. The team ensures ANZ’s information security strategy evolves with the changing technology landscape, which presents both opportunities and challenges. Core functions include:

  • Cyber Security Operations, which provides threat intelligence, cyber analytics and ongoing operational information security management;
  • Strategy, which focuses on determining the best investment and direction for information security for the bank and its customers;
  • Governance and risk oversight for new delivery initiatives and day-to-day business operations, people and systems;
  • Education and community outreach, which ensures staff members, customers and the community understand their role in protecting themselves in a digital world. This function coordinates ANZ’s contribution to the community through educational partnerships, collaboration and thought leadership;
  • The Security Enablement Program that delivers continuous improvement in ANZ’s information security capability.

What advice would you offer Australian businesses and government agencies regarding the national and international cyber threat landscape?

The cyber threat remains ever-present. Recent figures show 65% of global Internet users have been victims of cybercrime through viruses, online credit card fraud and identity theft. It is important for businesses to understand cyber risks and new threats and be prepared to respond. The following three areas of advice are critical…Click HERE to read full interview.


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