How to avoid a data breach – Perimeter 81 discusses


According to Perimeter 81, the largest hack in 2019 – committed by a former Amazon employee who stole data of millions of Americans and Canadians – could have been avoided.

The stolen information included names, addresses, postal codes, phone number, email address, dates of birth and self-reported income.

A cloud firewall configuration vulnerability was the cause of the breach. The unauthorised access happened when the attacker exploited a firewall misconfiguration, which allowed the attached to reach the impacted server.

According to Perimeter 81, data breaches are occurring more often on cloud storage services. This is because more companies are using the cloud and attackers see this as an opportunity.

The company said that organisations are still relying on outdated hardware-based VPN technology with a distributed management system and other complicated client applications.

The downside of these systems is that they are complex, expensive, require intensive management and they are not cloud friendly.

Perimeter 81 suggests that a Zero Trust security model, which has multiple layers of verification before it grants resource access.

The 2019 beach identifies the reason why companies need to adopt cloud-compatible cybersecurity solutions.

The company says that the shift to the cloud is “inevitable” so key financial institutions must adopt cybersecurity services that are designed to integrate with major cloud providers.

The Perimeter 81 Zero-Trust Network Access solution allows direct access to cloud resources and applications whilst simultaneously being able to evaluate user permissions and related metadata.

The team at Perimeter 81 has worked to ensure only authorised connections can be made, whilst leaving cloud environments are completely hidden.

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