Hi-tech Crime Trends: Knowledge is a Key for Cybercrime Prevention


Over the past decade, the number and complexity level of cyberattacks carried out by both state-sponsored hacking groups and financially motivated cybercriminals have increased significantly. People, businesses, and government institutions can no longer be confident in neither the security of cyberspace nor the integrity and security of their data.

The Internet has become our civilization’s circulatory system. Yet the freedom of communication and the global opportunities provided by the Internet are increasingly being threatened. Data leaks and cyberattacks by unfriendly states are part of today’s everyday reality.

  • Are you aware of the top financially motivated targeted attack groups from 2019?
  • Do you know how many cyberespionage groups were discovered in 2019?
  • How about the top groups that posed a threat to the telecoms sector during 2019?

Group-IB’s Threat Intelligence team has compiled all the answers and more in their Hi-Tech Crime Trends 2019/2020 report.

Some of the other leading trends include:

– The development of 5G networks
– Trojans for PC and Android are gradually disappearing
– Evolution of social engineering without the use of malware