Hacking your own company: Before the bad guys do it for you


For some of us who are familiar with the term ‘Hacker’, we understand the general public’s perception about what they’d imagine Hacker could do – usually towards a more negative way. The mass media too, often portray hackers are the executioner of all evils in the cyber space.

In the real world we are living in, there are a group of individuals, who are having good intention in mind, carrying out the mission to ‘hack’ for a good reason and purpose, we would call them the “White Hat Hackers”.

In contrary to common believes, White Hat Hackers do carry out penetration testing or ethical hacking, just like what the malicious hackers do, however, White Hack Hackers done so, with the sole objective to discover vulnerabilities in the test target, report vulnerabilities, and provide recommendations and advisory to the target owner.

Penetration Testing in Malaysia

White Hat Hacker services are nothing new in Malaysia. Major financial institutions and telecommunication operators in Malaysia do engage trusted security firms that are offering White Hat Hacking services for decades. The engagement frequencies are usually based on risk acceptance of the organizations themselves. With the pro-active discovery of loopholes and vulnerabilities, organizations can stay abreast about the latest cyber threats and be able to become vigilant in combating malicious hacking attempts…Click HERE to read full article.


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