Fortinet enhances students’ cybersecurity awareness with free training and children’s book


“Cyber Safe: A Dog’s Guide to Internet Security” available globally to make the internet a safer place for all children

Through the NSE Training Institute, Fortinet offers cyber awareness courses NSE 1 and NSE 2 which provide an overview of threat actors and their tactics, Fortinet is also releasing a children’s book designed to increase cyber awareness amongst children ranging from 7 to 12 years old. The book “Cyber Safe: A Dog’s Guide to Internet Security” was co-authored by Renee Tarun, deputy CISO, Fortinet.

The children’s book takes readers on a journey to learn how the Internet is a useful place, and how to stay secure. Lacey, the cyber smart dog teaches her friend Gabbi the cat how to use the Internet safely.

John Maddison, EVP of products and CMO, Fortinet, said, “Fortinet’s mission is to secure people, devices and data everywhere. As part of this mission the company is committed to educating the global community on cybersecurity knowledge and skillsets regardless of age, background or life experiences as cybersecurity affects everyone. Fortinet’s NSE 1 and NSE 2 training courses are available for free as part of the NSE Training Institute and can be taken by anyone of any age, including children.”

Renee Tarun, deputy CISO and VP information security, Fortinet and co-author of “Cyber Safe”, said, “With more children being online for prolonged periods of time as a result of remote learning, it’s especially important to educate our youth about internet safety. The “Cyber Safe” book was written to help protect kids by teaching them from an early age how to behave and to keep themselves safe online.”