ForgeRock Go Eliminates Need for Usernames and Passwords


ForgeRock Go delivers higher security and convenience, making user journeys without usernames and passwords possible in minutes   

ForgeRock has introduced ForgeRock Go, a new solution that ends the need for people to recall a username and password to log-in to websites. This extends ForgeRock’s passwordless capabilities already in use with global customers and partners.

The ForgeRock Identity Breach Report found that five billion consumer records were breached in 2019 alone, with personally identifiable information (PII) taken in 98 per cent of cases. Consumers frequently reuse usernames and passwords, making it even easier for malicious actors to gain access to their accounts without their knowledge. Often, they do so by piecing together information from the dark web from breach data.

With ForgeRock Go, organisations can:

  • Remove the extra steps in digital transactions without compromising security for consumers or their own data
  • Provide a frictionless access experience for their users
  • Increase security by reducing the risks of phishing and all forms of username and password theft and replay attacks by making them irrelevant
  • Reduce help deck costs for forgotten username and password recovery

“ForgeRock addresses the major themes we see as key requirements for clients, from IoT enabled identity to cloud to a world beyond passwords,” said Michael Wyatt, Global Identity Leader and Principal at Deloitte. “The global pandemic has continued to fuel our Global 2000 clients’ ambitions for digital transformation, and ForgeRock remains an active partner for us. We congratulate them on this exciting new capability.”

“No one looks forward to entering usernames and passwords when shopping, banking or doing anything online,” said ForgeRock chief product officer Peter Barker. “ForgeRock Go combines convenience with security on a whole new level. We extend our industry leadership in authentication by delivering much more secure and seamless login experiences for our global customers.”

Usernames and passwords are insecure and deliver a poor user experience. Even when strengthened with multi-factor authentication (MFA) solutions, many are proprietary and require complex integrations, which may not provide the level of agility that enterprises require.

ForgeRock Go is part of ForgeRock’s Intelligent Access feature available in the ForgeRock Identity Cloud and ForgeRock Identity Platform. It enables organisations to authenticate users with any authenticator present on the user’s device that supports WebAuthN, part of the FIDO Alliance’s FIDO2 standard. When accessing a service or account from the device, the user is recognised and authenticated using authenticators that support resident keys, such as biometrics (TouchID), Windows Hello or a pin-protected key like Yubico, and immediately gains access to the account. Credentials are stored on the device and never sent online, reducing the risk of information being accessed in a breached database.

Creating user journeys with usernameless and passwordless authentication is simple to complete in minutes. ForgeRock’s Intelligent Access tree framework delivers out-of-the-box user journeys that can be modified via drag-and-drop to fit any business need.

The company also announced significant updates to the ForgeRock Identity Platform, including advancements with ForgeRock Autonomous Identity and ForgeRock Identity Cloud, in addition to more than 150 new and updated features.