Episode 35 – Video Surveillance, Analytics & Milestone Systems APAC Integration Partners Seminar


Chris Cubbage talks to Bjorn Eilertsen, Chief Technology Officer and Benjamin Low, the VP of Sales for Asia Pacific, both with Milestone Systems. Bjorn highlights the transformation of cyber security specifically in relation to aggregation, automation and augmentation of huge sets of data, particularly in relation to video surveillance systems. Bjorn also discusses the three ‘Ds’ – security by design, default, and deployment.

Benjamin Low discusses the maturity level of the Indo-Pacific Market with respect of the quality of software and surveillance technology, and Milestone’s strategy for its growth within the Asia-Pacific market.

This is not only a technology-focused episode, but one that also discusses  ‘Big Brother’, personal privacy, trust and the moral and ethical dilemma, and it’s conflict with our need for convenience.

Recorded in Hanoi, Vietnam at the Milestone Systems APAC Integration Partners Seminar (MIPS) 2018 #MIPS2018 #MilestoneCommunityDays

MySecurity Media attended this event courtesy of Milestone Systems


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