Episode 14 – Cyber-attack Response & Business Continuity – with RMIA 2017 ‘Risk Consultant of the Year’ Rinske Geerlings of ‘Business As Usual’


This is the third of a group of interviews from the Risk Management Institute of  Australasia (RMIA) in Canberra. In this interview, Chris Cubbage interviews Rinske Geerlings of ‘Business As Usual’, and discuss business continuity plans, or BCPs, preparing for cyber attack related incidents, the formation of crisis management teams for organisations, and the Business Continuity Standard, ISO22301.

Rinske highlights that cyber attacks aren’t simply about disaster recovery, where the damage has been caused but has ceased, but rather a situation where victim organisations are not even sure which systems they can safely use, due to continued infection or attack.  Rinske highlights that cyber attacks aren’t only about IT downtime, but also Social Media Marketing and Communications, regarding the public response to customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

If you’ve been holding back on a Business Continuity Plan, or need some advice on making your’s stronger, you’ll enjoy this interview with Chris Cubbage and Rinske Geerlings.

Following the interview, Rinske Geerlings was awarded ‘Risk Consultant of the Year’ for 2017 by RMIA – Congratulations Rinske!!


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