ditno extends its cybersecurity management platform


Australian-based, ditno, has extended its cybersecurity management platform with a focus on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure (Azure).

The new solution will extend ditno’s current offering from on-premises to the cloud, expanding its services to existing customers and opening up a new market with organisations that operate in a purely cloud-based environment.

Many of ditno’s current customers are early on in their cloud journey. Consequently, ditno identified a market need for a cybersecurity management platform that extended to the cloud and offered consistent network governance across on-premises, cloud-only, and hybrid network environments.

With this new solution, ditno can now offer a single risk posture across on-premises, cloud and hybrid environments including the native services of AWS and Azure. The solution can be used across all industry segments with ditno already seeing interest in key verticals such as health, aged care, education, retail, law, financial services, and utilities.

Andy Walker, CEO, ditno, said, “ditno listened to its customers and collaborated on their cloud strategies, which led to a niche security challenge being identified. There is a massive trend across all organisations to move from on-premises infrastructure to cloud-native services such as Microservices, which is leading to gaps in the holistic picture that organisations have of their security posture and governance.

“One of the most significant risks of embracing cloud occurs when organisations do not configure cloud environments correctly. This can happen by mistake without the organisation being aware. Or, if they are spinning up new cloud services quickly without security at the forefront, or even through  operational changes, organisations may be exposed.”

ditno’s differentiator lies in its security governance layer, which goes above control and segmentation. With this new solution, every single control that goes into the cloud environment will be assessed against best practice governance models in real time to show organisations where risk is introduced.

With this new solution, organisations can be assured that the same network governance will be applied seamlessly across any environment. In addition, ditno expects that the new offering will let organisations lower cybersecurity operational overheads.

Andy Walker said, “ditno has been around long enough to have developed deep expertise across cybersecurity management platforms; however as an agile Australian company we are flexible enough to innovate quickly to meet changing customer needs. This new solution will also offer opportunities for existing and new resellers to address a market need for their customers with ditno looking to extend its reseller network across Australia and New Zealand.

“With the current cloud momentum, ditno is launching this solution to ensure that organisations can migrate to the cloud with confidence by knowing their risk exposure and having the governance in place to maintain or mitigate that risk. ditno’s focus is on creating a hybrid network security platform that is fully automated and offers a centralised management portal for customers to be able to configure every single network control automatically through governance models. The launch of this cloud solution is a critical step in the journey.”