Datasec enters into mobile credential partnership with rf IDEAS


rf IDEAS and Datasec Solutions Pty Ltd have partnered to bring to market a secure mobile credential solution portfolio based on rf IDEAS Bluetooth® Low Energy enabled WAVE ID Mobile readers and Datasec’s secure authentication platform.

The WAVE ID Mobile readers provide smartphone users with contactless logical access to workstations, networks, applications, secure printers and more, while also offering support for nearly any physical proximity or contactless smart card in use worldwide. The new, mobile credential developed by Datasec and available for purchase from rf IDEAS will give users across all markets and industries a compelling option for seamless, touchless and secure logical access.

“With the recent expansion of our mobile credential and reader portfolio, we have brought the security, convenience and touchless safety of mobile authentication to users in the current Work-From-Everywhere environment”, said Tod Besse, senior vice president for global sales and marketing at rf IDEAS. “This partnership will allow our customers to take advantage of Datasec’s impressive secure authentication platform, backed by our award-winning expertise and personalized customer service.”

“Datasec is extremely excited about the partnership with rf IDEAS. It is a great opportunity to partner with a world leader in RFID and BLE card readers in what is a great synergy for both companies that will deliver highly secure authentication and access solutions to rf IDEAS customers,” says Paul Waite, Founder of Datasec Solutions.

The new mobile credential solution is expected to be available on an annual subscription basis early in 2021.