CyberCX NZ launches with $30m investment in local cyber market


Australian cybersecurity company, CyberCX is creating a presence in New Zealand with CyberCX NZ.

CyberCX New Zealand CEO Grant Smith, who previously founded Gen2 Consulting and DMZ Global, said CyberCX New Zealand would transform New Zealand’s cyber security landscape. The company’s plans include:

  • Increasing CyberCX’s New Zealand workforce to more than 100 employees in the next year
  • Expanding offices in Wellington and Auckland, followed by opening an office in Christchurch
  • Investing in developing a unique New Zealand security operations centre (SOC) capability and local cyber workforce development.

CyberCX is building its New Zealand platform to deliver end to end cyber security services, supported by investment in systems, processes, tools and a centralised support structure that enables frontline teams to focus on delivering great services to customers.

CyberCX CEO, John Paitaridis,said, “New Zealand is a natural market focus for CyberCX. With the exponential growth in the number of cyber attacks on Australian and New Zealand businesses and government agencies, and the aggressive tactics we are seeing from threat actors, we need to significantly bolster our trans-Tasman cyber capability to secure our companies and sovereign interests, in particular Australian and New Zealand critical infrastructure including utilities, agricultural, financial systems, logistics and supply chain. Never has this been more important than during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

“It is time that Australia and New Zealand had its own cyber security company, a national champion at scale, able to defend and protect our local businesses and economies. For too long we have relied on international companies for cyber services, where their interests don’t always align.

“We are fiercely independent and driven by our purpose to protect the communities we serve. We are uniquely focused on delivering mission critical cyber security services to New Zealand and Australia leveraging our 500 plus cyber security specialists on both sides of the Tasman.

Cyber attackers do not recognise borders and they are increasingly focused on targeting our part of the world. At CyberCX we are unifying the best cyber security talent, capability and expertise across Australia and New Zealand and taking up the fight on behalf of our customers.”

New Zealand talent and technology is at the heart of CyberCX. Grant Smith, CyberCX NZ’s CEO said “It is clear that many New Zealand businesses, enterprise and government organisations are not yet well enough advised, supported or equipped to defend their critical assets. Each year thousands of New Zealand organisations fall victim to cyber attacks totalling tens of millions of dollars in losses. 40% of those incidents are linked to state-sponsored actors. CyberCX NZ is committed to lifting the country’s national resilience and is focused on maintaining an independent stance, agile ways of operating and core cyber focus”.

“Increasingly government and industry in New Zealand are looking for a local trusted cyber security partner. At CyberCX NZ we will ensure we deliver the best experience to our customers. To establish ourselves as the most trusted partner to deliver cyber security services, we are committed to continually investing in our New Zealand organisation.”