Cyber threat landscape: What Australia can expect now and in the future


AISA NSW Chapter Meeting with Eugene Kaspersky – Chairman and CEO, Kaspersky Lab

Presenting at AISA NSW Chapter’s May member meeting, held in the aloft George Street offices of Ernst & Young, overlooking Circular Quay, Eugene Kaspersky, visiting Sydney for just a few days, gave an entertaining, upfront account of what we can expect in the cyber security future, based on cyber-attacks of the recent past.

“All operating systems are under attack with malicious files”, confirmed Kaspersky, referring to the Kaspersky Lab malware database, as at May 2017. Showing malicious code unique to each OS, with Windows being the highest at 474 million, Android at 23 million, Mac at 53,000, Linux at 33,000, but set to grow substantially with continued deployment of IoT devices, being predominantly Linux based and iOS at just 600. According to Kaspersky, it is mostly state sponsored actors behind iOS attacks and related malware.

“We count the malware in the hundreds of millions and everyday we collect and download 300,000 new unique malicious script attacks.” Kaspersky said, “Application scripts, office files, every day. Being in Sydney for three days, in my time here we will see one million new, unique pieces of malware. The good news is we do it mostly automatically. Many cybersecurity companies now automate their response and cybercriminals are also doing the same – it’s like a cyber robotic war. Interestingly, we see it slowdown during weekends, Chinese New Year, Russian New Year and during Eastern European football matches – cybercriminals are human as well!”…Click HERE to read full article.


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