Cyber security taskforce releases priority recommendations


Standards Australia has released its Recommendations Report of the NSW Cyber Security Standards Harmonisation Taskforce, which commenced in June last year in partnership with the NSW Government and AustCyber.
The Taskforce, made up of industry leaders, government and business representatives, have compiled a comprehensive list of recommendations that span key industries, including cloud, health, defence, education and financial services.
Cyber security standards play a key role in improving the security of data, assets, systems, networks and critical infrastructure. Well-developed, practical and verifiable standards enable consistency and encourage competitiveness among developers and organisations.
“The digital age is bringing more social and economic opportunities for Australian industry, but with this increasing digital reliance also comes greater security sensitivities and risks. With the report complete, we can now begin working collectively toward implementing these key recommendations,” said Adrian O’Connell, Chief Executive Officer at Standards Australia.
The report compiled by the Taskforce highlights priority areas for standards development, implementation and importantly, outlines how standards can contribute to building a resilient cyber infrastructure across sectors. It also delves into seven priority areas across Australian industry, with specific recommendations for each.
“This is not only about creating jobs, it’s about creating an industry and one we must lead,” said Victor Dominello MP, Minister for Customer Service.
“But as we strive towards this goal we must ensure the correct privacy, security and trust settings are built in – all wrapped around with ethics.
“The standard to which we hold our service delivery demands nothing less.”
Michelle Price, Chief Executive Officer of AustCyber said standards are not a panacea.
“However, if used in combination with the latest advances in technology, and embedded across global supply chains, they can assist in guiding base line cyber security requirements. This will help raise the posture of small to medium enterprise (SME), organisations and government agencies to compete in the Australian market and internationally.
“Ultimately, a globally competitive Australian cyber security sector will underpin the future success of every industry in the national economy.”
“Standards Australia is looking forward to continued collaboration with NSW Government, AustCyber, other Australian Government agencies, and the broader taskforce in building stronger cyber security for Australian businesses,” concluded Mr. O’Connell.
Next steps:
The Taskforce is developing a publicly accessible list of standards relating to cyber security that span the seven priority sectors identified in the report. This will include a website that communicates the business benefits around the adoption of standards. The intention is this will be an essential asset for boards, executives and relevant decision-makers and help embed the work of the Taskforce into the economy.

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