Cyber Expert Says Budget Investment a Matter of National Importance

Cybersecurity company Armis says the 2024/25 Federal Budget investments in cyber not only highlights the need for local organisations to protect their data but is also a matter of national security and impacts economic performance.
Armis Australia and New Zealand Channel Director Evan Thomas says the threat of cyber warfare further threatens Australia’s innovation performance, which is already lagging behind other developed nations.
“The measures to support AI policy development, regulation, and engagement instil a sense of encouragement, resonating with a robust community of like-minded individuals who want to ensure the responsible development and deployment of AI technologies. However, the inherent challenge lies in the fact that threats extend beyond the boundaries of this community,” Thomas said.
“A critical outcome of the investment is the heightened focus on security and trust. As nation-state actors increasingly use AI for attacks, it’s time to start using it for defence. Organisations must stay ahead of the curve with continuous threat intelligence and deploy solutions that use AI and machine learning to scan the dark web, whilst setting dynamic ‘honeypots’ for bad actors and providing actionable data ahead of vulnerabilities, attacks and impacts.”
“By placing cybersecurity at the forefront of AI development, amplifying ‘secure by design’, organisations will be compelled to urgently shift their cybersecurity strategies from reactive to proactive to effectively defend against significant cyber threats,” Thomas added.