CSO Group to Merge With xAmplify


Australian cyber security business CSO Group will merge with automation systems and artificial intelligence integrator xAmplify. Once complete, the merged business will deliver digitally advanced AI, automation and cyber solutions to over 110 enterprise and government organisations across Australia, spanning industries such as defence, federal and state government, energy, financial services, health, logistics, retail, construction and mining.

The new entity will be headquartered in Sydney and have a significant national presence with operations across every state and territory, with a combined headcount of more than 160 staff.

“The merger of CSO Group and xAmplify will create Australia’s largest home-grown cyber security, AI and automation consulting business, with a gross turnover exceeding AUD100 million annually,” said CSO Group CEO and Founder Michael Simkovic. “We see an enormous market and growth opportunity to disrupt and challenge the traditional large global service provider models.”

“This is a true merger of equals,” he added. “The integration of the two businesses will create an amplifier effect, enabling us to deliver a new generation of innovative and integrated business solutions with the convergence of cyber security, automation and AI technologies.”

The merger will allow government and corporate clients to access the capabilities of both CSO Group and xAmplify. It will also bring a renewed cyber security lens to provision high-performance IT services and sovereign-secure AI technologies.

“This merger will create a fully integrated national business that will work across every state and territory, enabling clients to leverage AI, automation and cyber security to deliver greater innovation, efficiency, assurance, and business value,” said xAmplify CEO and Co-founder Wayne Gowland. “The business and technology worlds are changing rapidly, and our customers want to transform and adopt the next generation of groundbreaking technologies in a safe and secure way.”

The parties expect to complete the merger in the second half of 2024.