Coronavirus themed email attacks


Proofpoint researchers have uncovered new Coronavirus themed email attacks that focus on concerns around disruptions to global shipping. The e-mail campaign exploits a two and a half year Microsoft Office vulnerability, features malicious Microsoft word documents and installs an information stealing malware.

The industries being targeted by this latest email scam are those susceptible to shipping disruptions including manufacturing, industrial, finance, transportation, pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies (in that order).

A Coronavirus-related shipping supply disruption would negatively impact each of the company types listed above and there are increased concerns globally about Coronavirus’ potential economic and international supply chain impact.

The latest official statistics showed 15 cases of coronavirus in Australia and over 37 thousand worldwide.

Please see here for the full release from Proofpoint, we can also offer a local spokesperson to explain the email attack further and comment on the impacts it could have in more depth.