Bitdefender Threat Report reveals dangerous new botnet


Bitdefender researchers recently found a new IoT botnet used for DDoS attacks, Dark Nexus. Bitdefender investigators have detailed the bot for a considerable time and expect to see huge spikes in using these types of cyberweapons soon, connected to COVID-19 pandemic. Bitdefender analysis has determined that, although dark_nexus reuses some Qbot and Mirai code, its core modules are mostly original.

It is still operational and significantly more potent and robust. Alarmingly, the bot had been promoted on YouTube, where its advertised prices are as little as 15 GBP/monthly for 2500 seconds of boot time and go up to 80 GBP for admin access unlimited. (

The botnet named ‘dark_nexus’ is expected to become a significant tool for criminals.

For full details on the Dark Nexus please see below for the official Mid-year Threat Landscape Report. The report details the dark_nexus bot and the implications of the service as it sits readily available and cheaply online at attackers disposal.