Biometric authentication solution created by Vault Cloud and Daltrey


Vault Cloud has partnered with Australian-based identity access management start-up Daltrey to create an Australian-first biometric solution, enabling authentication across all access scenarios. Together, Vault Cloud and Daltrey are building a secure ecosystem that protects physical and digital locations as well as the biometric data that enables access to them.

“There’s a growing need for more secure and convenient authentication spanning both physical and digital access scenarios,” says Blair Crawford, co-founder and managing director of Daltrey. “This partnership allows for an innovative identity defined approach to organisational security, helping government and corporate enterprises create secure, productive workplaces.”

The Daltrey platform allows users to create a unified biometric credential that gives them seamless access to assigned physical locations and digital applications. By offering biometrics-as-a-service, the collaboration provides corporate and government leaders with a means to solve their most pressing security, safety and compliance challenges in a simple, cost-effective way.

Vault Cloud’s secure data storage solution will be used to store valuable personally identifiable information (PII) including biometric data such as faces, irises and fingerprints on Australian shores. All Vault Cloud data is protected by security-cleared Australian citizens to ensure the highest level security of Australia’s personal information.

“Access and authentication is a continued concern for government and corporate entities with certain security requirements,” said Rupert Taylor Price, CEO of Vault Cloud. “Biometric identity access will provide a robust, secure solution that is backed by the sovereign capabilities of our partnership. It represents an important step in protecting Australian citizens and organisations.”

In addition to building a secure biometric ecosystem, the partnership will provide an intelligent middleware platform that integrates with existing access management providers. The secure biometrics-as-a-service solution will be offered to Australian business and government organisations regardless of the service provider used.