Australia’s 2020 Cyber Security Strategy – A call for views


The Australian Government is developing a new Cyber Security Strategy as a successor to the 2016 Cyber Security Strategy, which set out the Government’s 4 year plan.

Consultation includes asking for public and stakeholder views on the steps to be taken to improve the cyber security of Australian citizens, community groups and businesses.

The Department of Home Affairs has released Australia’s 2020 Cyber Security Strategy – discussion paper and invites a response to questions or attending an in-person event.

According to the Government’s release, “Since the release of the 2016 Cyber Security Strategy, the cyber threat landscape has shifted and evolved dramatically. The magnitude of the threats faced by Australian businesses and families has increased. They will become more acute as our society and economy become increasingly connected. As the threat evolves, so too must our response.”

Submissions can be made by no later than 1 November 2019.