Australian software vendor Vix Vizion’s Imagus high in NIST report


Australian-born facial recognition platform Imagus, owned by Brisbane-based Vix Vizion, has scored in the top ten percent across all major categories of the latest NIST report, which benchmarks solutions from across the globe.

Competing against the world’s biggest facial recognition solutions – predominantly from mainland China and the United States – the Imagus platform significantly outperformed better-known software vendors in categories such as 1-to-N and 1-to-1, across a variety of different time gaps.

“Our platform, which is now widely accepted as the solution of choice by a very wide variety of industries across Australia, including licenced clubs, has performed better than the majority of large global vendors. We are proud to be the only Australian company at the top end of the spectrum, a situation that pays credence to our research and development team and the exceptional work they have put in,” said Fraser Larcombe, Product and Channel Manager at Vix Vizion.

The most recent NIST report, from March 26th 2021, positions Imagus in the top ten percent of vendors in terms of accuracy across all categories tested. The report benchmarks 183 different solutions from 144 vendors across the world. As such, it is the accepted standard for positioning facial recognition platforms globally. While many companies refer to results recorded in the LFW database, this particular benchmark consistently offers a very high accuracy rate as it uses a small pool of images, and very narrow cross-section of demographics. Like almost all platforms, Imagus consistently scores 99.8 percent-plus results in the LFW database benchmark.

“While there are many different criteria that can effect the accuracy of a result, and some companies are less than honest about the results they achieve, the NIST report is without doubt the global standard for benchmarking facial recognition software,” continues Larcombe. “These results demonstrate that our platform competes remarkably well on the global stage, and provides a very high level of accuracy across different deployments scenarios.”

As one of the few Australian companies operating in the facial recognition market, Vix Vizion is a preferred provider for many sensitive and government-managed installations.