ANZ Makes ConnectID Available to its Customers


The identity verification firm Australian Payments Plus is making its digital identity product, ConnectID, available to ANZ Plus customers.

Instead of providing proof of identity documents, ANZ Plus customers can now ask a participating business to verify them using the information already held by the bank. ANZ Plus refers to the bank’s everyday banking portfolio, including transaction accounts available to individual customers.

ConnectID does not see or store personal information. It acts as a bridge between an organisation that wants to verify someone’s identity and the organisation providing that verification, and only when the customer authorises it. This means ConnectID combines the convenience of real-time identity verification with enhanced security and customer consent. The National Australia Bank and Commonwealth Bank already use ConnectID.

“We’re pleased to help ANZ Plus customers keep control of their identity and minimise the sharing of data for services where this is unnecessary,” said ANZ’s Gabriel Steele. “Not only do we see this better protecting our customers from the evolving threat of cybercrime, but we believe there’s an equally significant opportunity to reduce the risk our business customers face in holding more data than required.”

Australian Payments Plus is the result of the consolidation of Australia’s domestic payments organisations, such as BPAY Group, EFTPOS, and New Payments Platform, earlier this decade. Shareholders include the ANZ and Australia’s major tier one and several tier two banks and fintech entities such as Wise, Tyro, PayPal, and WorldPay. Australian Payment Plus came up with ConnectID, which they market as an Australian-owned digital identity solution that makes it easier for customers to verify who they are. It is also the country’s first non-government digital identity exchange accredited under the Australian Government’s Trusted Digital Identity Framework.

“We are delighted to have ANZ Plus go live with ConnectID,” said ConnectID Managing Director Andrew Black. “Its customers will enjoy greater control over what personal data is shared with and used by a business. ConnectID also ensures consumer and business convenience and confidence, with fast and secure identity verification.”