Almost 100% Cyber Incidents Result of Human Error


The 2023 CyberWest Summit is taking place on May 10th & 11th at Pan Pacific Perth – but this year, it’s not just for those already working in the cyber security industry.

The recent Future of Cyber 2023 report by Deloitte identified that 95% of cyber events are caused by human error.

When it comes to cyber security, high performing organisations are the ones that are engaging their entire staff in cyber activities and are governing their cybersecurity programs with a blend of senior business and IT leaders.

With this in mind, this year the CyberWest Summit is changing tact – it’s officially being billed as a cyber conference for non-IT professionals and leaders.

“Cyber security must be treated as a whole-of-organisation issue. CyberWest is inviting professionals from all backgrounds and disciplines, not just cyber,” said Cecily Rawlinson, Director of CyberWest, the innovation hub delivering the flagship conference.

With expert speakers, interactive workshops and demonstrations, the CyberWest Summit is designed to equip attendees with practical knowledge to safeguard their business and customers from cyber threats.

This year’s lineup includes none other than Troy Hunt, the legendary founder of Through his platform, over 12 billion accounts have been discovered to have been compromised through various data breaches. Troy is a world leading security researcher and commentator and will be delivering a top-rated keynote on security and other technology concepts from around the world.

Terry Roberts, founder of Whitehawk, a seasoned intelligence professional with over 30 years of experience will be speaking to the importance of Cyber Risk and Resilience across Critical Infrastructure.

Robert Potter, an experienced cyber security leader who co-founded Internet 2.0 and invented its core patented technology will also be speaking as will Dr. Newton Campbell, Director of Space Programs, Australian Remote Operations for Space and Earth (AROSE) Consortium, about his background in Internet Privacy and Cyber-Physical Systems.

Hon. Stephen Dawson, Minister for Innovation and Digital Economy is opening the conference, while Prof. Peter Klinken, Chief Scientist of WA will be speaking about why cyber education is crucial for our economy.

“We believe that healthy cyber practices don’t need to be intimidating,” says Ms Rawlinson. “We’re running a wide variety of workshops over the two-days to make sure that all attendees leave with the right tools, knowledge and systems in place to improve their organisation’s cyber security.”

“Our goal is for people to leave with a broader understanding of the issues and risks and have an understanding of what they need to do, as well as making connections with local cyber security providers who can support them,” continued Ms Rawlinson.

There will be 3 key streams running across the 2-day conference – Critical Infrastructure, Secure Government and Cyber Skills.

Critical Infrastructure is focused on highlighting the unique challenges facing businesses impacted by the Security of Critical Infrastructure (SOCI) Act which now covers communications, financial services, data, defence, higher education, energy, food & grocery, health, space, transport and water.

Secure Government sessions and workshops will provide targeted upskilling around understanding risk, threat detection and incident response in relation to government.

Cyber Skills will provide more general cyber education and hands-on skills, specifically targeted towards non-cyber professionals.

With a swathe of cyber talent speaking to the broad and far-reaching impacts that cyber security has on all aspects of life and business as we know it in our modern world, the CyberWest 2023 Summit is an event not to be missed.

And if you are a cyber professional, consider inviting the non-cyber people in your extended network – because in today’s world, all leaders from finance to human resources to procurement to strategy need to understand cyber risk –  CyberWest Summit will also deliver cyber education for leaders in WA.