Acclimation appoints Mark Giles to head up SAP Centre of Excellence


Acclimation has announced the appointment of Mark Giles as the head of its new SAP Centre of Excellence (COE).

Mark has more than 25 years’ of experience in the IT industry, including 19 years working across a variety of roles at SAP including head of innovation adoption – HANA and big data, and head of delivery for HANA services across Asia Pacific Japan. Mark’s years of knowledge and experience working with SAP customers, and his expertise working with SAP itself, makes him the ideal person to head up the SAP CoE for Acclimation.

In this role, Mark will be responsible for establishing and managing quality programs to support Acclimation’s customers with their SAP solutions. Mark’s role will also include taking new solutions and services to market across Australia and New Zealand. He will also be involved in ensuring the right support teams across Acclimation are available to help customers with their SAP solutions, optimising the strength and experience of the team to the benefit of Acclimation’s customers.

Cameron Sherrard, managing partner, Acclimation, said, “Acclimation is excited to welcome Mark to the team. He brings with him a wealth of experience with SAP and the wider industry that makes him a strong person to help Acclimation’s SAP CoE, and the ideal person to help take Acclimation new service offerings to market in the future with his solid understanding of the roadmap for SAP. Acclimation’s investment in the CoE is testament to Acclimation’s commitment in building out the expertise and quality of its SAP offering in the market.”

Mark Giles said, “Acclimation has a uniqueness that I really like, and the strength of Acclimation comes from its ability to be personal, direct, and as face-to-face as we can be in these times. Acclimation has a dynamic agility and an ability to be a big business while maintaining its personality, personal touch, and individual approach in how it supports its customers.

“Acclimation is focused on helping SAP customers on their journey in the most effective and efficient way possible. I’m excited at the opportunity to work with Acclimation in the SAP COE to combine the technology of SAP with the network, knowledge, and understanding of the Acclimation team.”