OT Cybersecurity must improve in 2019


As my many IT customers get more sophisticated and are improving the identification and response to breaches many manufacturing companies – in particular, small and mid-sized organisations – are increasingly becoming susceptible to cyberattacks.

So, why do they need to up their cybersecurity game in 2019?

Business advantage: In “The State of Industrial Cybersecurity 2017” report, 54% of companies sampled, experienced an ICS security incident within the past 12 months. 16% of those respondents had three or more security incidents. In numerous cases the manufacturer was accessed via 3rd party vendors, partners and services providers. 55% of those sampled allowed external access directly into their industrial control network.

Manufacturers are replacing analogue processes with digital systems which offer increased capability and efficiency. IIoT has exponentially increased the number of connected OT devices and is now requiring a new level of partnership between traditional Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) teams to ensure productivity and security coexists.

The manufacturing industry has clearly become a target for cybercriminals. Therefore, I am highlighting to my clients in this sector three reasons why they need to take cybersecurity seriously…Click here to read full article.