NSW cyber security – Two years in review


Since establishment in March 2017, the office of the GCISO has been focussed on laying all the foundational pieces to support a coordinated NSW government response to any cyber threat.

Because it is rare for serious cyber threats to be limited specifically to one organisation, coordination is the key pre-requisite to effective cyber security. Cyber security conducted in a siloed, agency by agency manner only increases the problem because the opportunity is lost for others to quickly pre-empt and avoid emerging threats.

With great support from agencies, we have achieved a lot in a short space of time to make sure that we are addressing the increasing risks to our systems and information, especially in the following areas:

Governance: a deputy secretary-level body of cyber risk “owners” from all clusters, the Cyber Security Senior Officers’ Group has operated alongside the existing technology governance group, the ICT and Digital Leadership Group. In addition, to ensure we have the best advice from outside government, we also set up a Cyber Security Advisory Council.

Operational support & coordination: an operations team to help agencies with threat email advisories and support in managing incidents when they happen…Click here to read full article.