Micro Focus Offers Service Management Automation X (SMAX) as a Service in Australia


Micro Focus has announced the availability of Service Management Automation X (SMAX) as a service (SaaS) with data to be hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Sydney, giving customers the broadest choice of deployment options.

As Micro Focus’ machine learning (ML)-based Enterprise Service management (ESM) solution, SMAX is designed to meet organisations’ IT and non-IT service management needs and includes a smart virtual agent with Natural Language Understanding (NLU). The available SaaS model for SMAX provides organisations and government bodies with the ability to leverage enterprise-grade service management capabilities at an affordable price.

Matthew Bertram, business consultant, Enterprise DevOps and Hybrid IT Management, Micro Focus Australia, said, “To successfully execute digital transformation, organisations need solutions that improve engagement and deliver IT and services without complexity. SMAX is the only multi-cloud ESM solution on the market today with entirely codeless configuration, letting customers take advantage of advanced analytics while dramatically reducing time spent on implementation and maintenance. The new SaaS offering brings this already compelling TCO to customers seeking as a service solutions.”

Micro Focus has identified key benefits of SMAX as a service:

  1. Subscription-based with minimal initial capital cost: Low upfront investment solution for enterprises looking to drive down the total cost of ownership (TCO) with a flexible subscription model that lets you adapt your SaaS usage to your evolving business needs.
  2. Faster time-to-value from faster implementations: Out-of-the-box automated processes so that organisations can configure workflows, codeless, from day one.
  3. Entirely codeless means you’re always on the latest release: No more expensive updates or delays accessing modern functionality. SMAX is updated each quarter enabling SaaS customers to stay current without disruption.
  4. No vendor lock-in: SMAX customers can easily switch from on-premise to SaaS or public cloud, or vice versa. This deployment flexibility gives you the business resilience you need.

With data hosted locally, SMAX as a service opens up new possibilities for Australian customers that are looking to shift to service management in the cloud. SMAX delivers connected, automated, informed experiences—powered by machine learning. It’s just one of the ways Micro Focus helps customers bridge existing and emerging technologies in the race for digital transformation.