Kentik partners with TDS to strengthen Asia-Pacific growth


By Mikayla Fanto

Kentik announced they will partner with Technology Distribution Specialists (TDS) in Sydney to continue their expansion in the Asia Pacific region.

TDS will support the growth of the company in Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia with Kentik’s customer base expanding by over 300 per cent over the last four years.

Technology Distribution specialist CTO Dom Fitzgibbon said TDS have experience in the industry and are excited to partner with Kentik to bring the Kentik solution to markets and customers across the region.

TDS are attending to the demand for Kentik Network Observability Cloud which allows network professionals to play run and fix any network.

“Networks are essential for a vast majority of today’s businesses, but without network observability, everything from performance and security to user experience and revenue are at risk,” Mr Fitzgibbon said.

Kentik Vice president of channel sales Jim Frey said Kentik is ready to partner with TDS and are excited to grow their footprint in the Asia Pacific region.

“Through this partnership, we will add dedicated regional support to meet the demands for our solution, while also ensuring a great experience for our customers,” Mr Frey said.

He said Kentik has “longstanding experience with networking and network management solutions.”

Kentik Chief product officer Christopher Pfister said they bult their Kentik Cloud product suite to help struggling customers to run cloud networks with precision and control.

“Most cloud monitoring tools don’t focus on infrastructure or can’t see beyond a single cloud environment,” Mr Pfister said.

“With Kentik Cloud, our customers can manage the performance, visibility and costs of their cloud networking, at-scale and all within one solution.”

Kentik helps networking professionals learn what they need to know about their own network performance, health, and security.

Some larger companies that use Kentik for network observability include IMB, Box and Zoom.