Human Centric Security


I feel so passionately about what I am about to ask you as the reader to consider in my article below. I feel passionately because it is my premise that the educational context provided for cyber security students here in Australia is compromising the opportunities of the very same students it openly wants to encourage into the industry.

As a child you are told to ‘dream big’ when it comes to everything you do! The intent is to help support the idea that someone can achieve anything if they put their mind to it. Most adolescents become more aware of the limitations and restrictions that compromise this notion. And so, in our childhood years the wish to become a hotdog or a unicorn is soon replaced with more realistic longer-term career options such as doctor, teacher, chef and so on.

As a young adult you decide on a pathway post tertiary education, whether that be to attend university, TAFE or the workforce. Regardless of what you decide, you are choosing a direction, a subject area, a way of life, a career pathway…Click here to read full article.