How to Sus Out Sneaky WiFi in Boardrooms


HackHunter is launching the portable Pursuit WiFi tracker, which detects and locates the source of unauthorised and potentially malicious WiFi with precision.

Whether you are connecting at work or within a work-from-home environment, all businesses and government digital services rely on WiFi to transmit and protect customer and commercial information, personal data and organisational assets.

However, WiFi is also vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Often, cyber attackers will use the same name for their malicious infrastructure as the genuine network. So, how would you know if you had a fake WiFi network in your organisation, impersonating your WiFi? HackHunter has developed the Pursuit WiFi tracker to provide certainty to businesses that networks are secure and protected from malicious actors.

Using the HackHunter Pursuit WiFi tracker, a Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures (TSCM) company, checking for bugs before a client’s Board meeting, detected an unknown WiFi device. After locating the device, they identified a WiFi dongle receiving signals from other unknown WiFi devices spread throughout the organisation. The Pursuit WiFI tracker enabled all the unauthorised devices to be located for investigation. A supplier maintaining the office plants had set up an entire network of IoT devices within the building, which was unknown to the client and provided a potential backdoor into the organisation!

HackHunter CEO, Tracie Thompson, said “HackHunter’s innovative technology shows organisations exactly what WiFi is operating in their network environment in real-time, and quickly finds the WiFi source with precision so it can be immediately removed if unauthorised.

“HackHunter’s vision is to make sure that WiFi remains a trusted technology by the public. It’s really satisfying to see the Pursuit WiFi tracker find unauthorised WiFi in a range of normal and unique conditions. With the use of Pursuit, businesses can now be confident that they are protected against cyber-criminals hijacking their WiFi”.

“One of our customers, an Insurance company in Canada, has seen a massive saving in the time taken to locate unauthorised WiFi for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) compliance. Using the HackHunter Pursuit WiFi tracker they have reduced the time taken from 4.5 hours to just 15 minutes, anywhere in the three floors of their building.”

The Pursuit WiFi weighs less than 520 grams, lasts four and a half hours per charge and is designed for single-handed use with an intuitive touch-screen. It has been designed, developed and manufactured in-house in Australia.

In addition, the HackHunter Insight analytics platform provides a real-time dashboard that analyses data logs and generates automated reports, including how WiFi in the environment has changed over time.

The development of the sovereign HackHunter technology has been backed by AustCyber’s Projects Fund, funded by the Australian Government, over the past two years.

AustCyber CEO, Michelle Price said the project, enabled through the Projects Fund, is a great example of AustCyber supporting world leading ideas into a global export reality.

“Malicious actors advance their abilities to exploit vulnerabilities in our hyperconnected world at a rapid pace, but we haven’t taken a back seat. Australia is leading the way through innovative solutions such as this, proudly conceived of and made right here.

“HackHunter has demonstrated a real-world, first of its kind solution to protect WiFi networks, which is also a fantastic complement to where the invention and innovation of WiFi itself came about. AustCyber is proud to have supported HackHunter in their journey through our Projects Fund and will continue to partner with them as they grow and export.”