How can SMBs overcome cloud security fears and passivity?


The use of cloud storage has been increasing the past few years due to the huge benefits it brings to businesses. Not only does it increase flexibility within the business, it also greatly improves productivity. Nowadays, organizations can’t afford not to use the cloud.

However, cloud storage can be risky. Some of these risks are technical and some are more human.

In fact, 61% of small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) believe their data is not safe in the cloud for technical reasons. Furthermore, the current attitude towards cloud storage is driving bad security decisions and damaging data security.

SMBs are worried about their data in the cloud

SMBs find it very hard to trust a third party with their valuable data for the simple reason that once it lives in the cloud, they lose complete visibility and control over it. Old fears are still very much present.

It is difficult to detect unauthorized access

Nowadays, the detection of unauthorized access to sensitive data represents one of the biggest cloud security concerns.

When files and folders are stored on premises file servers, data is pretty secure considering that you need to be physically present in the office to access this data. Even with remote employees or partners using VPNs, access can be restricted to specific devices only which keeps the data relatively secure…Click here to read full article.